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RISC - Research & Innovation Center for Social and Educational Sciences is a newly established, Cyprus based non governmental and not for profit training and research organization active in the fields of Social, Behavioral and Educational Sciences. Its focus lies in particular on the

  • development and provision of interactive educational and training activities to equip learners with adequate personal and professional knowledge and competences required for acquiring essential 21st century skills;

  • promotion and advancement of education in accordance to cutting edge technological and methodological approaches;

  • tackling of current societal challenges among which bridging gender equality gaps, enhancing the mental health and well-being of children, young people and the elderly as well as strategizing the combating of violence and abuse towards children, women and other vulnerable groups; (iv) the introduction of innovative mechanisms and policy recommendations for strengthening internet safety awareness, the prevention of cyber-crime and for fostering digital literacy in addressing the needs of children, teenagers, adults and businesses.  

In addition, the organization innovates in the adoption and implementation of participatory methodologies designed to facilitate disparate groups of stakeholders in collectively addressing and resolving complex issues in a democratic and structured manner.

Acknowledging the importance of involving all different societal actors and collecting diverse views in the whole research and innovation process in order to link its produced outcomes with the societal needs and expectations, RISC aspires to become a pioneer in the promotion and application of Responsible Research & Innovation (RRI). To this respect, the organization employs the notion of science popularization with a view to deliver science and scientific knowledge to the general public in an effective, comprehensible and simple manner allowing its impact to be embraced and appreciated by the citizens.

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